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Free Lessons for SAVING THE TOES!


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Saving the Toes is the most economical way to take lessons.

Save theToes all started with one crushed toe in the fall of 2002. I took it as a personal mission to teach the people of our city how to dance without maiming someone. Thus Save the Toes was born.
Save the Toes our campaign for new students. For you it is word of mouth and it allows us to help several people all at once.

First, it lets us "pay" you as an advertiser. By bringing Qualified guests, so that we can Save the Toes, you will always receive at least one private lesson.

Second,your guests have a great time. You can bring them to our Friday Night Practice Party and we will let them try a few dances (of course, we will help them get started) and then we offer them an introductory special. You can also bring them to watch any of your lessons.

Third, your teachers get guest credit too. They get 1000 points, towards our Regional Freddy Awards and National Astaire Awards, for each qualified guest you bring in. These are the most prestigious awards a teacher can receive. They also receive a bonus for each guest.

Finally, it helps our studio grow into a bigger, better "Happiest, Friendliest Spot in Town." The more students we have, the more instructors we train, and the more fun we all have.


*Qualified Guest Rules are below.

Qualified Guest Rules

1. Over 25 years of age; over 21 OK but not Q.

2. Lives within 50 miles, permanent resident.

3. Couples count as one guest.

4. Must be new to our studio.

5. Must sign up for and complete the introductory lessons.