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Why Dance with Us?


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Dancing will definitely make your life more exciting. When you learn to dance at Dancesmiths' Fred Astaire Dance Studio, a lot of things are going to happen.

 You're Going to Have Fun
        Laugh. Dance. Twirl. Step on toes. Apologize. Dance. Laugh some more. Let go of your inhibitions! Dancing is such an easy way to bring enjoyment to your life.
        You're Going to Feel Good
        Wouldn't you rather feel your energy soar on the dance floor than stuck on a treadmill at the health club? Your favorite song comes on, would you rather do step aerobics or dance? Ballroom dancing is an excellent, low impact way to keep fit and relieve stress.

 You're Going to Meet People
        Fun people. People like you who are also learning to dance. Singles, Couples, and "Sort of" Singles.
You Get Experienced Instructors
        Our instructors are nationally certified,professional teachers with hundreds of hours of training . They have the ability, dedication, and compassion to make you the kind of dancer you want to be.
        You Get Choices
        You want lessons when they're convenient for you. We will schedule your private lessons to fit your schedule. Our group lessons and practice sessions are scheduled on a variety of days so you can find a class the fits your schedule.